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A Boutique Service For Seniors

Dear Care Professional - Greetings!


We at Challenges provide Boutique quality, Doctoral level Psychological Services in Long Term Care, Assisted Living, and Sub-Acute milieus – with no charge to the residents or facilities.

Why Boutique? Well, we are small enough to get to know your needs well and large enough to attract the finest Doctors to provide the level of services we believe in. As a ‘Boutique’ service, we pride ourselves on meeting your personalized needs in a manner customized to your unique facility.

A great opening, right? Well, we get even better, as our distinctive focus on Solutions and Hope has garnered us a fine reputation, & our track record demonstrates that we can make a huge difference – not just to the Seniors and families in your care, but boosting team spirit which extends to your entire facility!

Since 1997, Challenges has proudly served as a model for the enhancements Psychology can make in Long Term Care. State auditors, Medicare staff, LNHA’s, ASW-NJ, and AAP-NJ have, at different times, sought us out to illuminate the broader, integrated role psychology can play. In addition, we've published in gerontological Journals, hoping to inspire other professionals to expand and integrate the role of Psychology in LTC.

In other words, we've been recognized for our ability to transform the highest ideals into applied reality.

Challenges philosophy is a three-pronged one –


  • We are very alert to the mind-body connection – when a resident’s emotional well-being is addressed, they physically heal faster and better. To this end, we are patient advocates. 

  • With our ‘system’ focus, we emphasize working with families, and view staff as the resident’s extended family as well. Available to help during times of conflict, loss, and misunderstanding, we believe in the interdisciplinary power of working together towards the common good. 

  • Last, we are solution rather than problem focused. We inspire the residents, families, and teams we work with & draw upon their strengths making their lives genuinely better.

It is our job to bring love, top-level skills, and best effort to our services. We provide Doctoral Level services only, and one Psychologist manages all levels of care. Residents transferring from sub-acute to LTC should not have that care disrupted at a time when they need their therapist the most.

There are no charges to residents or the facility for the ‘extras’ that we do (for more on that, give us a call – we will be happy to elaborate!). We are the real deal.

At Challenges, we aim for a Win-Win-Win scenario. The patients benefit by receiving the best in psychotherapy.  The facility sees a measurable difference in the morale of the residents, staff, and families.  And we win, as we have the good fortune to expand our professional relationships, meet fiscal realities, and bring good into the world at the same time.

With our new book, Instagram, & Facebook/Webcam, we are delivering our message loud and clear!

What we do works – Our facilities remain with us for years, even decades, and so do our Doctors. And because we walk this walk, we draw the crème de la crème in the way of Clinicians and are very proud of every Doctor representing us!

That you read this far tells us you are one of the facilities walking a walk similar to ours. If that is the case, give us a call if we could play a contributing role to your team and your residents!

Life brings Challenges.

Meet them.

Meet Us.

                                                        Lori A. Sweetwood, Psy.D.

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