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Our Services in Long Term Care

Challenges provides both in-patient services (in rehab, assisted living and long term care facilities), and out-patient services (in our doctor's offices). All of the following are provided both in and outpatient (to find out if we have a Psychologist performing Outpatient therapy in the area you seek, kindly call our office!)


Individual Psychotherapy - We meet with the individual to learn the details of whatever is weighing you down or holding you back, and then guide you toward finding Solutions and Hope. Our clinicians are, simply, wonderful. Skilled, compassionate, and dedicated – these are the qualities we have to offer. Note that in Facilities, we will also meet with staff and/or families to determine their concerns and goals.


Family Psychotherapy - a very powerful mode of care. This can involve your adult children, spouses, or any other significant persons impacting your life. Circumstances like: Making decisions regarding assisted living or long term care placement; Health and medical treatment; Managing stressful situations, including calming and reassuring a family member; Support and advice for coping with dementia, decline, or depression; Even long-standing conflicts are often resolved in the family therapy forum.

Group Therapy - Often the ideal treatment choice for Seniors, this is the place to really beat the blues! Each week we bring together folks that were feeling isolated, sad, or useless - and we turn that around! In groups, folks learn that there ARE others sharing the same emotional experiences, and wonderful friendships are formed, ideas are shared, and solutions and hope replace loneliness and despair. For this hour, at the very least, you are not alone.


Testing - Doctoral level psychologists are the only professionals trained and licensed to do psychological testing. This may mean a neuropsychological battery, assessing decline / determining the reason for same; evaluating personality issues; contributing to treatment planning; determining strengths and skills - it is a broad and very useful field. At times our clinicians will do some testing along with their initial intake, particularly in in-patient settings. This will help them direct their treatment and give them some excellent tools to streamline care.


Public Speaking - We are available to speak to your group on a broad and exciting range of topics and services. Weaving together state of the art information with our inspirational message, Dr. Lori will get your audiences cheering – not for her, but for Themselves!!! Call on us to Educate, Validate, and Inspire!​ 


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