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Letters to Fellow Psychologists

Dear Fellow Doctor,

Challenges is not a new group - we have been practicing very successfully since 1997. Our doctors and facilities stay in partnership with us for years- even decades.

  • Folks stick with us because, while we certainly want to make a good living, we are equally driven to making a difference in the world, by: 

  • Advocating for our residents, 

  • serving our facilities—and their staff—with care and best effort, 

  • And providing a supportive, lucrative, and fun team experience for our clinicians. 


With 20 years of experience, we know and practice what is truly important, ie. taking care of our clinicians. To that end:


We pay well and promptly, keep administrative tasks (billing & documentation) to a minimum so your time is clinical, not spent on paper or computer documentation. There’s no pressure to see a certain level of residents – do what is right for you. We pay every two weeks based on your billing, not collections, and are at the ready to provide what you need – when you need it. Be assured that our staff will always greet you with a smile and a ready willingness to help.

At Challenges, we operate from three founding principles—we are mind-body-spirit oriented, we conceptualize systemically, and we are solution-focused. It’s our goal to educate, validate, and inspire those whose lives we impact, and we are committed to walking the walk of all we espouse.

We seek Doctors who insist on operating with heart while naturally recognizing that fiscal realities are just as important to job satisfaction. Experience with children, seniors, & medical issues is a plus, as are a fundamental belief in the connection between the mind and body, a teamwork style, and a natural desire to help heal those who may no longer have the wherewithal to help and heal themselves.

While experience specific to rehabilitation and/or seniors is not a prerequisite, a gentle and encouraging approach is! Our interventions tend to lean toward the cognitive-behavioral, but those with an interest in neuropsychological testing, family/systems, humanistic therapy, and/or child/developmental psychology may find this work rewarding as well.

Some groups in our field practice different values. However, in spite of the rising pressures, we are determined to keep our group on higher ground. If we sound like your kind of team, then please consider us as a fresh alternative and give us a call!

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