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What Are Our Therapy Goals?

Our Goals

Working with one of our fifteen Doctors of Psychology, it will be our pleasure to deliver to you Solutions and Hope, in the following forms:

Peace of Mind and a Sense of Well Being: This means the wash of good feelings that come when you are satisfied with who you are, what you do, and where you are going. It involves self-compassion and a generous heart to the world as well.

Pleasure: Being able to enjoy the moment fully – each moment. Having fun, both alone and with others; delighting in the experiences of your five senses; finding pleasure in new knowledge and insight, and being grateful for all that comes your way.


Satisfaction: Feeling that you have enough to meet your needs – and your needs are no longer racing away with you.


Direction: This answers the questions: ‘Who am I? Where am I going? How do I get there? And where do I start?!’. We all need clarity of purpose – and a stepwise plan to take us where we want to go.


Meeting Goals and Intentions: Most everyone experiences satisfaction when they accomplish a personal goal, no matter how large or small. We will help you set and achieve these – and open new Vistas for you in so doing!


Motivation: Let’s find the energy to reach those goals and learn how to maintain that energy, even during the tough times.


Emotional Regulation: Strong feelings can contribute to our joy – and our despair. Learning to regulate shame, fear, hunger, anger, stress, and despair will allow the lovely dimensions and possibilities of your life to take flight.


Finding Your Voice: or what used to be called Assertiveness! Being able to step back and act rather than react – to express your honest feelings clearly and get your needs met – while equally respecting the rights of others – can translate into fabuloso relationships and true meaning in our lives!​

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