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Dr. Lori’s Treatment Specialties

Dr. Lori A. Sweetwood, Psy.D., President of Challenges Psychological Services, a highly respected group practice, also makes her outpatient services available to the general public. With expertise in the following areas:

  • Stress/Anxiety/Panic/OCD/Fear – Adults, Kids and Those in the Middle!

  • Healing old wounds, anger, resentment.

  • Mindfulness/Healing the mind-body connection

  • Family/Couples conflict/Divorce/Co-Parenting

  • Depression (including Loneliness, feeling Unsure, Conflicted, Withdrawn, or Lost)

  • Men’s issues

  • Kids (10-college) with anxiety/behavior/depression/conflict/technology addiction issues.

  • Addictions in general: Alcohol, gambling, food, social media – the works!

  • Women’s issues/ Co-Dependence

  • Adoption

  • Healing Trauma, combat/first responder PTSD, and related anger issues

  • Teaching communication skills

  • Sexuality issues

  • Group therapy

And generally helping You – Find You.

Dr. Sweetwood and our Team bring a fresh face to Psychological Services in the Monmouth County area, beginning with your first call to the office, where you will be greeted by a warm human voice ready to help – or a very prompt call-back if the staff is otherwise engaged. No pressing buttons to talk to machines here!!!

Doing brief, effective, up-to-date treatment; maintaining strict confidentiality & pristine ethics; ministering to our patients and peers in a warm, nurturing, & gracious environment; and providing practical, timely feedback to you; these are the cornerstones of our professional practice.

For more information, contact us at: 732 – 222 – 1100.

Sincerely, Gina Russomano, Practice Manager

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