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Why See a Psychologist?

A psychologist is a person who understands what makes people tick - how anxiety, being overwhelmed, sleep problems and the blues impact our every day lives. Most important, we know how to fix the problems, heal the person, and help them create the best, healthiest, and happiest lives possible.

You or a loved one may have tried solving such problems on your own or by talking with a friend, relative, or physician or by taking medications – but still remain stuck or fall right back into old habits.

That’s where our practical, supportive, and straightforward guidance – all based on science and successful practice – comes in. All our energy, care, and expertise are engaged toward accomplishing one thing – helping You feel better, whether alone or in relation to those you love, work with, or deal with in your everyday life. We are the antidote to this crazy, over-technologized, hyper-multi-tasking world.

If you have a loved one in long term care, you may be reading this to find them some answers or comfort. And doesn’t it make sense that they may need us?

For too long, Seniors' emotional health and the impact of this on their independence, physical well-being, and families has been overlooked and underemphasized. New research bears out that 50 - 85% of all people 75 + experience some form of depression, anxiety, or other emotional distress, 70% feel lonely, yet only 15% of these folks are diagnosed and treated.


The reasons for their distress are obvious... loss of loved ones, physical and/or mental decline, loss of independence, isolation, and hopelessness about the future. What is less obvious is why Americans have created a culture that accepts depression in Seniors as 'normal.' Challenges is dedicated to inspiring belief in the power and integrity of our seniors, and we know that the first group that needs convincing – are the Seniors themselves!


We've learned much about the 'mind-body' connection- the power of the mind to heal has brilliant implications. Eliminating depression and/or anxiety during illness may mean quicker healing with fewer complications. Our state of mind directly impacts many of the leading causes of death, so why treat only the body?! Now that cutting-edged science has turned its spotlight on the mind-body connection, we know more than we ever have about how to fix things. And we do.


The bottom line is, ‘this ain't no dress rehearsal’ – this is the Show. You may believe the problem(s) are hopeless – that there is nothing that can be done to control or improve the situation…. In that case, it will be our pleasure to prove you wrong – for all the best reasons. You see, we help people in just your situation feel better, and with nothing to lose and a brighter, more peaceful frame of mind, a healthier body, and better relationships to gain, these are the reasons why to see a psychologist!

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